Homemade Alfredo Sauce

I like to think I’m a more than a fair cook, and I’ve had more than a few people concur with that sentiment. I’m pretty confident abouy my cheffing skills in fact. That’s why I’m not ashamed to admit it when there’s something I struggle with. I can think of a handful of things which I’ve botched, such as veggie lasagna 😝 and for some reason carrot cake. Never had one turn out for me. But one recipe I just couldn’t handle not having down to a tee, as its one of my favorite dishes of all time, was Alfredo pasta.

I must’ve made (well, goofed up) homemade Alfredo sauce five times before finally getting it perfect. It was quite frustrating and,  if you’ve ever made it from scratch, you know there is a good amount of cream, butter, and Parmesan involved, all of which aren’t cheap enough to be tossing in the trash when it doesn’t turn out.

And you can’t use jarred Alfredo sauce… Well, you can in a pinch. A few aren’t bad even. But once you’ve had it fresh, and furthermore once you see how easy it actually is… You’ll never want to not make it from scratch again. And let me just say, I know I gave you all a “lightened up” Parmesan tilapia recipe yesterday… Not happening here! Alfredo is meant to be enjoyed in all of its creamy, buttery, cheesey, full-fat glory!

I blame my previous Alfredo sauce disasters mainly on poor recipes… They’d either turn out too runny, or the cheese would all gloop together, or the butter would separate out… So I set about finding a perfect one and found chef Emeril Lagasse’s fettuccine Alfredo recipe on foodnetwork.com. Emeril is a culinary master of our time, so I knew he wouldn’t steer me wrong! His recipe is so simple and comes out wonderful every time! I think one of the keys is using some reserved pasta water in the sauce. Another trick is that you aren’t adding a ton of Parmesan cheese in at once, but rather sprinkling part of it on afterwards. Whatever the case, if you follow his recipe step-by-step, you’re sure to be a homemade Alfredo sauce master yourself like I’m proud to say I am now! So without further adieu, here is a link to my Pinterest where you can find chef Emeril’s Alfredo awesomeness. Don’t forget to follow my board while you’re there for a whole bunch of other delicious recipes too! 😋✌ #WhatIveGotCookin

Chef Emeril’s Fettuccine Alfredo

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