Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

I had quite an eventful afternoon at work yesterday… One of my co-workers was outside walking during her lunch break and spotted a tiny kitten in the yard at the fuel company next door. She was peeking out from a large tank and meowing. Now if you don’t already know, there’s one thing I love probably as much as food and that’s cats… Well, all animals really. But I have a particular soft spot for cats and kittens. So NATURALLY the only thing for my co-worker to do upon sighting one was to immediately come in and tell me about it! 

Had to snapchat our resscue adventures. Follow me @meganeliza1117 !
So right away I left my desk to run outside and investigate. As soon as I got close the kitten would disappear inside the pipe under the tank. I was going to need some assistance! I walked around the fence and into the office and told the man at the shop that I planned to retrieve a kitten from their yard. Another guy, who was about to head home for the day, came to help me lure the kitten out. We ended up having to push a smaller pipe through the one she was hiding in to force her out the end where I was waiting. She was hissing and showing her tiny teeth warning me, but I reached in after her anyways. I quickly got nipped and to my surprise those little stubs she had drew blood! But that didn’t stop me!

We put her in a 5 gallon bucket for transport, but she wouldnt stay inside; just wanted snuggles! I ended up holding her the entire way in the car!

We pushed her a little further to the end, and the man who was helping me reached his arm in and finally pulled it back out, now covered in scratches but clutching a scrawny dirty kitten! I started petting her and she quickly calmed down. 

Look at that face! I just HAD to help her!

Upon completion of the rescue I set to tending to some ticks she had on her and then to finding her a home. I was very fortunate to be  referred   to a lovely lady who lived only ten minutes away, who had a barn, a greenhouse, a big yard, and a big heart. ❤️ She feeds and takes care of several cats that live on her property and accepted my found baby kitten on first sight! I promised her a large bag of cat of cat food which I will be delivering later this week.

I always end up with a different amount of cookies when i bake them, depending on how much raw cookie dough I scarf down!
I also wanted to do something to thank the men at the oil place who helped me in retrieving kitty cat that afternoon. Especially the one who spent over 40 min of his own time at the end of the day… I don’t think I could’ve got her out without his help!

Nothing like warm chocolate chip cookies! 😏👌
I think cookies are ALWAYS an appropriate thank-you… Who doesn’t like a chocolate chip cookie? 😏 So I whipped up a batch to deliver this morning when I returned the 5 gallon bucket, after rinsing out the tuna remnants of course! Lol 

A perfect way to say thank-you! 😉
Now most of the recipes I’ll share here are my own originals… But baking is not my forté. At least not to just whip things up from scratch… I need a recipe to most cookies and cakes. And as far as I’m concerned, Nestlè Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies are just one of the best cookies. It’s always a favorite at Christmas, or anytime I don’t know what people like. They seem to please everyone… I just usually leave the nuts out in case of allergies. If you feel like baking up batch, you can find the recipe right here:

Original Nestlè Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies

So happy I found her! 😽

All in all, yesterday was a good day… I rescued a orphaned kitten, shared some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and I feel good about all of it! Hope everyone has a lovely week! 🐱🍪😉

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