Butternut Squarsh & Spinach Lasagna 

I love butternut squarsh… yes, I meant to call it squaRsh! That’s how we say it around here… and by that I mean how I say it in my house! lol Anyways, I’m always looking for different ways to use it. So I tried this for the first time recently and it will certainly not be the last! Although it is a bit of a process to make, as is any lasagna, it is well worth it! It would be perfect for any autumn dinners… The leftovers are great as well!

The only thing you have to do prior to making the recipe is to roast and puree the squaRsh… but that couldn’t be easier. Half it, seed it, and put it cut-side down on a sprayed baking sheet. 400 degrees for a half-hour, give or take. Then cool it, scoop out the flesh and pop it in a food processor with some salt and pepper. Boom – done! If you like more detailed instructions, you’re welcome to them here, but that’s really all there is to it!

Then you’re ready to make the Butternut Squarsh & Spinach Lasagna! It is SOOO yummy and so very perfect on a cool fall nite! Enjoy! 🙂

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